Memory leak created switching between different UITextField widgets with/without SecureTextEntry

Number:rdar://01415049200022 Date Originated:
Status: Resolved:
Product:XCode 10.3 Product Version:iOS 12.4
Classification: Reproducible:yes
This memory leak is reproducible 100%.
XCode version: 10.3 (10G8)
iOS Simulator: iPhone 8 - iOS 12.4.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new iOS "Single View App" project on XCode
2. Create a xib file containing just one UITextField. We called it "FormInputView.xib"
3. Create a swift class associated to this custom widget (FormInputView.swift)
4. Add 2 FormInputView inside the unique ViewController in Main.storyboard
5. Bind one FormInputView inside ViewController.swift file and call it "secureInputView"
6. In "viewDidLoad" method write this code: "secureInputView.inputTextField.isSecureTextEntry = true"
7. Profile it (Product -> Profile)
8. Enter into the first UITextField (0 memory leaks)
9. Enter into second UITextField (1 memory leak)
10. And if we go on to switch focus between the 2 UITextFields, new memory leaks will be created

Important things to note:
* UITextField must be wrapped into a custom widget to make memory leak happens
* It seems a memory leak generated in [UIKeyboardLayoutStar setKeyplaneName]


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