[Xcode] please remove deleted resources from app in simulator and on device

Number:rdar://11562130 Date Originated:5/30/12
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:4.3.2 (4E2002)
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:Always

Removing a resource from Xcode does not remove it from the app that's installed on a device or in the simulator, leading to an accumulation of cruft that can hide bugs (I really should have kept that file around), or cause false bugs (Why is it picking that stale old ~iPad graphic when I don't need it anymore?)

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Make a single view app in xcode
2) drag in a graphics file, call it "1.png"
3) build and run on the device.  Use a utility like "iExplorer" or "microsoft windows" to examine the file system of the device.  Notice it has 1.png in the app
4) Delete 1.png from Xcode.
5) drag in a new graphics file, call it "2.png"
6) build and run on the device.  Use the utility from step 3) to examine the file system of the device.

Expected Results:

2.png is there.  1.png is gone

Actual Results:

2.png is there.  yay!
1.png is still there.  boo!


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