Fast User Switching on the lock screen when there's only one local account

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If Fast User Switching is enabled, then when the screen is locked (because the user has set it to lock when the screen saver is actie or the machine goes to sleep) it should display a "Switch User" button.  But on Mountain Lion, the "Switch User" button is not displayed if the machine is bound to an Open Directory server.

Steps to Reproduce:

1.  enable Fast User Switching in the "Users & Groups" pane of System Preferences.
2.  Bind the machine to an Open Directory server and enable network accounts.
3.  Lock the screen

Expected Results:

It should display the "Switch User" button at the bottom of the screen whenever it's displaying the password field to unlock the screen.

Actual Results:

There's only a "Cancel" button.


It worked fine with the exact same setup in Lion (and earlier).  It also works in Mountain Lion if the machine is not configured to use the Open Directory server.

I've tried it on both 10.8.0 and 10.8.1, and it doesn't work on either.  It's also not working for me on 10.8.2 build 12C31a but I have not yet tried the newer seed (build 12C35, I think) that just became available.


Fast User Switching works from the menubar as one would expect.  It's just when the screen is locked that I have trouble because the option doesn't appear.  Until this is fixed, i can't deploy Mountain Lion in my shool's labs.  (Otherwise when a student locks the screen, nobody else will be able to use that computer.)  I guess we'll be stuck with Lion until winter break, at least.



Yes, as I think I mentioned when I previously updated it, the "switch user" button does show up correctly as long as there are at least two local accounts. Creating a second local account is how I worked around the problem to deploy it in my labs. But it should show up with just one local account, as long as there are network accounts available. It worked that way in Lion.


Apple Developer Relations asks: If you create a second local account on the machine, does the button show up?


New information: It turns out the problem is not tied to whether or not it's bound to an Open Directory server. The problem is that if there is only one local user, then it never shows the "Switch User" button. It looks as if it's trying to be smart and hide the button if there's no other account to switch to, but it's only looking at local accounts and not considering the possibility that there is a directory server. I added a 2nd dummy account to the local user database and now the switch user button shows up. (and allows switching to network users.) So there's still a bug.. it should consider the possibility of network users when deciding whether or not to display the "Switch User" button. But at least there's a workaround (so my students will get to use Mountain Lion this fall).

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