Scroll Direction setting linked for Mouse and Trackpad

Number:rdar://12236447 Date Originated:September 5, 2012
Status:Closed Resolved:
Product:Mac OS X Product Version:10.8.1 (12B19)
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always

When changing the setting to reverse scroll direction for trackpad or mouse the other device's setting is affected as well.

Steps to Reproduce:

- check the trackpad scroll direction "natural" setting
- uncheck the mouse scroll direction

Expected Results:

- the mouse setting should be separate from the trackpad setting

Actual Results:

- unchecking the mouse scroll direction checkbox also unchecks the setting for trackpad




This is a nuisance for people who are switching between a notebook internal trackpad and an external USB mouse with trackwheel.


Apple responded

Engineering has determined that this issue behaves as intended based on the following information:

Yes this setting is applied to all devices by design.

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