Bots: Can't enter an SSH Key to authenticate a repository in Xcode

Number:rdar://15184645 Date Originated:2013-10-09
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:5.0.1
Classification:UI / Usability Reproducible:Always
When setting up a Bot from Xcode, the available authentication options don't include "SSH Key" in Xcode. This means that I can't successfully set up my Bot from within Xcode itself.


1. Install Xcode 5.0 on your machine, and set up 10.9 Server on another with the Xcode service running.

2. Open a project that's hosted in a repository that requires an SSH key to access on your machine.

3. From the Product menu in Xcode, choose "Create Bot…"

4. Click "Next" until you arrive at the pane to configure authentication for your repository.

Expected behaviour: 

I should be able to choose "SSH Key" as an authentication method and paste in my SSH key.

Actual Behaviour: 

The available options don't include "SSH Key".


A workaround is to choose "Guest" in Xcode - since my SSH key is installed authentication will still succeed locally. Once the repository is in the Xcode service on the server, I can edit it and add my key.


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