iTunes showing lots of useless alerts

Number:rdar://15350892 Date Originated:30-Oct-2013
Status:open Resolved:
Product:iTunes Product Version:11.1.2
Classification:UI Reproducible:always
When updating my iOS apps in iTunes 11, I get lots of modal alert dialogs that do not help at all. There are two kinds of bad alerts:
1. Those that tell me about a problem with a particular app, but without telling me the name of the app!
2. Those that appear more than once, with no new information.

Steps to Reproduce:
See the attached video. I've added comments about all the alerts that are just plain annoying. Even iTunes 10 wasn't that bad!

One detail here is that I have two iTunes accounts, one German and one U.S.
One of the issues (seen at first in the video) is that, when logged into the German store, where I have only a few apps from, and even though only ONE app is listed for needing an update, iTunes apparently tries to update ALL apps, including the ones from the US store, only to tell me that for EACH of these US apps that I need to log in to the other store. That's just terrible.

Expected Results:
1. The alert about age-restricted apps should appear at the start of the sync, not when the particular app ends up much later in the download queue.
2. I should not be told 20 times that I need to log in to the other store. I should get just one such notification, ideally thru NSUserNotificationCenter.
3. I should not get prompted to log in twice when switching from German to US account.



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