Links Should Support Media Artwork on Twitter

Number:rdar://21459092 Date Originated:June 19, 2015
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Product:iTunes Product Version:
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Summary: links shared on Twitter include a preview image of the artwork for the media being shared. The iTunes Link Maker ( recently began prefixing URLs with geo (i.e. Geo links solve localization issues for certain types of media, but they no longer support artwork previews in Twitter. Artwork previews are a great way to make tweets stand out and attract additional clicks for people who use the affiliate linking program so it would be great to see this feature added to links.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Select "Copy Link" from share button in any iTunes media offered on the iTunes Store.
2. Share link on Twitter.
3. The shared link is in the format of and will include an artwork preview.
4. Create a link using iTunes Link Maker --
5. Share link on Twitter.
6. The share link is in the format of and will NOT include an artwork preview.

Expected Results:
My expectation was that links would include the same media artwork previews available with links when shared on Twitter.

Actual Results:
No artwork preview is available for links shared on Twitter.


Media artwork now loads on twitter for based links

I just tested this out with in our test twitter account, and it resolved the album art just fine (though it took a few seconds to fill in the artwork). Whatever issue was causing this to fail to load the image seems to have been resolved since this radar was created.

See result from twitter:

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