Apple Watch Smart Complications

Number:rdar://21487411 Date Originated:22-Jun-2015 01:57 PM
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Some complications are only useful for a limited amount of time, and it seems like a waste to have to either always have it visible or to have to constantly add and remove it from your clock face.

It would be nice to be able to set a complication area to be smart, and show a complication from a list, only when appropriate. For example, consider when you have complications for a countdown timer, flight tracker, and delivery status. Each of those is only relevant for a limited amount of time. For example:

Timer: while the timer is running
Flight Tracker: if you have a flight that day (up until shortly after it lands)
Delivery Status: if you have an undelivered package, or if one has recently been delivered that day (or maybe only if a package is out for delivery that day -- perhaps I want to know when my shiny new Apple product has been delivered)

Having any one of these complications always on your clock face seems like overkill, but it would be nice to define a smart complication that would show one (or no) complication as appropriate. There would probably have to be a user priority list to break ties (e.g., if you have a timer on and are expecting a package, which one shows?)

I use the modular face, and I currently keep the large complication empty, but it would be very convenient if it could on occasion show a complication that was very relevant to me.


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