Ending a workout is confusing and complicated

Number:rdar://21805344 Date Originated:13-Jul-2015 05:09 PM
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Product:watchOS Product Version:1.0
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
My biggest complaint about the Workout app is its usability at the end of a workout. There is a lot of pressing and navigation at a time where your muscles are barely working, your whole body is moving as it tries to replenish oxygen in your lungs, and blood is rushing to your head. You're not at your best, yet the app requires some significant mental and physical gyrations.

First, you have to force press to get the "End" button. If your hand is sweaty or wet from a swim, this action is difficult to trigger because electrolytes are defeating the touch sensor.

Then you have to remember that pressing "End" really isn't the end of your workout. I've had to explain this behavior to more than one person who's wondered why the activity isn't displayed on their green ring.

It's not obvious there's a "Save" button because it's at the end of a long list of data you couldn't care less about at that moment (your main challenge is to stay upright!) If your hand is wet, getting to the end of that list means you have to use the digital crown, but fine motor skills are lacking, so even that's hard.

Now you have two buttons to press: one is good, the other discards some data you worked very hard to get. These buttons are placed next to each other and your motor skills suck. If your hand is wet, you'll have to tap several times, increasing the chances of destroying your data.

After you finally hit "Save" you get kicked back to the home screen. Just like when an app crashes.

EVERY TIME I've saved a workout, I immediately go back to the app to verify the data was recorded. I have no trust in the app even though it's worked reliably for months.

Finally, after I've had a chance to rest, I have no way to look at the data collected during my workout. I have to wait until I get back to my phone before I can see how I did. (I don't have my phone nearby because I don't want it anywhere near water.)


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