NSSplitViewDelegate splitView:shouldCollapseSubview:forDoubleClickOnDividerAtIndex: never called in 10.11

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My app includes a split view which, up until OS X 10.11, would let you double click its divider/split bar in order to collapse it. This no longer works and the corresponding method is never invoked.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Compile the attached project with Xcode 7.
2. Run the project on OS X 10.10 and OS X 10.11.
3. Drag the split bar to the left and right of the window.
4. Double-click the split bar.

Expected Results:
The split bar snaps from 50 pixels from the left side of the window to the left edge of the window; it cannot be pulled closer than 50 pixels to the right edge of the window.

Double-clicking the split bar causes it to collapse to the left edge of the window, and a corresponding message is logged.

Actual Results:
Snapping works similarly on 10.10 and 10.11.

Nothing happens when I double-click on the split bar in 10.11, whereas it collapses on 10.10.

Xcode Version 7.0 (7A218) / OS X 10.11 (15A282b)


Broken on: OS X 10.11 (15A282b)
Works on: OS X 10.10.5 (14F27)

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