set value for NSURLAttributeModificationDateKey fails

Number:rdar://23679944 Date Originated:2015-11-28
Status:Closed Resolved:2016-07-08
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:8.0
Classification:Documentation bug Reproducible:Always
fileUrl.setResourceValue(referenceDate, forKey: NSURLAttributeModificationDateKey) silently fails to set new date


Engineering has the following feedback for you: Documentation bug.

NSURLAttributeModificationDateKey, kCFURLAttributeModificationDateKey, and ATTR_CMN_CHGTIME are all read only. We’ve fixed the header file comments (this bug covers those changes). We’ve filed these new bug reports to fix the documentation: NSURLAttributeModificationDateKey and kCFURLAttributeModificationDateKey are read-only ATTR_CMN_CHGTIME is read-only -- getattrlist man page says it is read-write. Please provide your response or results by updating your bug report and compress any bundled files (e.g. nested folders) prior to uploading.

iOS 9.3 SDK headers are not updated

We just received Xcode7.3 with iOS 9.3 SDK

It contains NSURL.h, which states that NSURLAttributeModificationDateKey is Read-write:

FOUNDATION_EXPORT NSString * const NSURLAttributeModificationDateKey NS_AVAILABLE(10_6, 4_0); // The time the resource's attributes were last modified (Read-write, value type NSDate)

Also ATTR_CMN_CHGTIME documented as read/write in iOS man pages in Xcode Documentation:

 ATTR_CMN_CHGTIME          (read/write) A timespec structure containing
                           the time that the file system object's
                           attributes were last modified.  Equivalent to
                           the st_ctimespec field of the stat structure
                           returned by stat(2).

Apple Engineering has provided the following feedback regarding this issue:

The NSURLAttributeModificationDateKey property is actually read-only and the comments in the header file have been changed to reflect this. NSURLAttributeModificationDateKey returns the value from getattrlist’s ATTR_CMN_CHGTIME attribute which is documented as “ATTR_CMN_CHGTIME cannot be set programmatically. Any attempt to set change time is ignored.”

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