Need API to enable/detect/enforce HDCP on tvOS

Number:rdar://24514980 Date Originated:2/16/2016
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:tvOS SDK Product Version:tvOS 9.1.1
Classification:1 - High Reproducible:Always
Please implement an API in tvOS to query and enforce HDCP status directly. This API would allow apps to play DRM-encoded video on the Apple TV which cannot be played with AVPlayer/FairPlay.

With an API for HDCP, an Apple TV app can implement the DTCP-IP specification and become DTLA certified to play DRM-encoded video. Such video is usually sourced from a networked cable/antenna tuner on the local network, and requires a custom video player as it is not compatible with the codecs supported by AVPlayer.

A similar private API currently exists in MPAVController as `BOOL shouldEnforceHDCP`


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