[Xcode 7.3/7D175] libobjc crashes trying to run all tests

Number:rdar://25330746 Date Originated:24-Mar-2016 11:28 AM (GMT+9)
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Development Tools Product Version:Xcode 7.3/7D175 OS X 10.11.4/15E65
Classification:Crash Reproducible:Always
Summary: When attempting to execute all tests, XCTest internally obtains all XCTestCase subclasses using the Objective-C runtime. It crashes here, inside the objc_copyClassList call.

I found a problematic Swift class in a mixed codebase with OBJC_PRINT_CLASS_SETUP but have yet to narrow it down to a definitive cause with that file.

Steps to Reproduce: 0. Create new iOS app project.
1. Add Swift class with unknown problem to main app target.
2. Run unit test target.

Expected Results: Tests start running.

Actual Results: Test process crashes before running any tests.

Version: Xcode 7.3/7D175
OS X 10.11.4/15E65


This doesn't occur when running individual tests, since it doesn't trigger the problematic code that finds all the tests at runtime.


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