-[NSDecimalNumber longValue] and friends sometimes return (very) incorrect result

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Product:iOS Product Version:9.3
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Submitted to StackOverflow here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36322336/positive-nsdecimalnumber-returns-2s-complement-of-expected-integervalue?noredirect=1#comment60288025_36322336

I've stumbled onto an odd NSDecimalNumber behavior: for some values, invocations of `integerValue`, `longValue`, `longLongValue`, etc., return the an unexpected value. Example:

    let v = NSDecimalNumber(string: "9.821426272392280061")
    v                  // evaluates to 9.821426272392278
    v.intValue         // evaluates to 9
    v.integerValue     // evaluates to -8
    v.longValue        // evaluates to -8
    v.longLongValue    // evaluates to -8

    let v2 = NSDecimalNumber(string: "9.821426272392280060")
    v2                  // evaluates to 9.821426272392278
    v2.intValue         // evaluates to 9
    v2.integerValue     // evaluates to 9
    v2.longValue        // evaluates to 9
    v2.longLongValue    // evaluates to 9

This is using XCode 7.3; I haven't tested using earlier versions of the frameworks.

I've seen a bunch of discussion about unexpected rounding behavior with `NSDecimalNumber`, as well as admonishments not to initialize it with the inherited `NSNumber` initializers, but I haven't seen anything about this specific behavior. Nevertheless there *are* some rather detailed discussions about internal representations and rounding which may contain the nugget I seek, so apologies in advance if I missed it.

This happens in Objc as well.

Steps to Reproduce:
See Description

Expected Results:
NSDecimalNumber *Value methods return consistent results for all values in range.

Actual Results:
For some NSDecimalNumbers with very high precision, values are quite a ways off, and signed flipped.

XCode 7.3, iOS 9.3, Swift 2.2


Simulator, Swift Playgrounds



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This has been marked as a dup of #19812966 by Apple.

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