setUsesInspectorBar crashes in 32 bit apps on Sierra

Number:rdar://28888980 Date Originated:21-Oct-2016
Status:Duplicate of 27823998 (Closed) Resolved:
Product:OSX SDK Product Version:Sierra 10.12
Classification:Crash Reproducible:Always
Duplicate of 27823998

Invoking NSTextView's setUsesInspectorBar:true multiple times from a 32 bit app crashes the app on macOS 10.12, including the latest beta (10.12.1 16B2553a).
This is a regression - pre-10.12 it does not crash.

Steps to Reproduce:
Simply invoke setUsesInspectorBar on a NSTextView several times, toggling the value each time.

A demo project is attached. Run it, then toggle the checkbox twice. That'll cause the crash.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:

Xcode version does not matter - it even happens with apps built with Xojo, which don't use Xcode at all.

Please don't ask for a system report. It's tedious to create, and I've already got plenty of confirmations from other developers, and everyone can reproduce it. So, you should, too, without needing my specific system setup. I'm actually using a fairly clean Sierra installation.

Does not occur on pre-10.12 systems, but occurs on all currently available 10.12 and 10.12.1 systems.

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