Allow user-initiated App Store rating/review request alert

Number:rdar://30170477 Date Originated:24-Jan-2017 02:51 PM
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Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:iOS 10.3 beta 1
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The addition of `SKStoreReviewController` is nice to see, however the documentation states "it is not appropriate for use from a button or other user action".

Please add the ability for developers to offer users a way to self-initiate the new rating/review alert dialog. Specifically, I would like to place a "Rate this app" button in my settings screen that the user can tap if they want.

I understand that Apple does not want developers to be able to force this alert dialog open whenever they want, so perhaps the SDK gains a `UIReviewButton` that the app includes in their view hierarchy. Apple can ensure that this button can only be interacted with from the user (likely running out of process), and when tapped, it displays the rating alert dialog.


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rdar://30186101 Duplicate/30170477 dloewenherz iOS Allow user-initiated App Store rating/review request alert



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