Apple Music App could not connect to the internet on mobile data

Number:rdar://30577068 Date Originated:17-Feb-2017 04:08 PM
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Product:iOS Product Version:10.2
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
I had a couple of struggles when trying to use Apple Music over my mobile data connection, while the solution was very simple, to UI was very confusing:

- I was confronted with a generic error "We've run into a problem." whenever I was searching for something while on mobile connection. After contacting @AppleSupport they told me that there is an option in the settings that disables mobile data connections for Apple Music. The fact that this is turned off should be stated in the error message and in fact I would have expected something like that to be turned on by default. However I see that this may make some people complain, but at least the error should say something like ‘Mobile Data for Apple Music is turned off.’

- I then went to the settings and read the following description for the Mobile Data switch: "Use mobile data for updating your Library and loading artwork.". If I wasn't told to enable that, I would have thought that this is exactly what I don't want. I want to use Apple Music on the go, but I do not want it to update my offline library and download large chunks of data. So I was actually looking if there is another option that was named similar. As there wasn’t, I enabled this.

- This opened a couple of more table view cells. While I assume ‘Streaming’ is the feature I actually wanted to turn on (I want to listen to music that is not on my device while on the go), it is unclear what happens to updating my library, now. The wording from the message ‘Use mobile data for updating your Library and loading artwork.’ is totally different than the options I see now. So I can only assume that ‘Downloads’ refers to ‘updating the library’ even though that is not explained anywhere.

So my settings now are: Mobile Data: On, Streaming: On, High-Quality Streaming: Off, Downloads: Off

My expectation for these options (and I guess I don’t really have a way to verify if these are true) are:
- Mobile Data: Just a general switch that doesn’t really control anything other than showing or hiding the other switches.
- Streaming: I can listen to music on the go that is not synced to the device
- High-Quality Streaming (Off): The streaming quality is limited compared to what I get when on WiFi to reduce the used bandwidth. (Not that this is the only option here that is actually explained, and imho the only option in the screen that is already very clear from its name and imho doesn’t need an explanation)
- Downloads (Off): When I add songs to the library either on this or another device, they will not download to my device while I am on Mobile Data.

I really struggled with the wording and I think this could be a lot simpler. I am currently trying Apple Music to figure out if I should move there from Spotify and the generic error message from point 1 almost got me to just go back to Spotify assuming there is an issue with Apple Music.


Fixed as of iOS 11 beta 2

By michaelhochs at July 5, 2017, 7:50 a.m. (reply...)

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