(NS)ByteCountFormatter is missing a locale property

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Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:iOS 10.3
Classification:Foundation Reproducible:Always

All common formatters (e.g. (NS)DateFormatter, (NS)NumberFormatter) provide a locale property with which a locale can be specified in which the formatter should format the input. (NS)ByteCountFormatter is missing such a property.
Since usually all formatters need to format in a specific locale, it would probably the simplest to add such a property to the common (NS)Formatter superclass.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create an iOS project
2. Create an (NS)ByteCountFormatter instance.
3. Try to format a string in a locale which differs from the system locale (e.g. by setting the locale property)

Expected Results:
There is a property on the (NS)ByteCountFormatter instance for the locale that is used.

Actual Results:
No locale property is present and there is no way to tell the (NS)ByteCountFormatter which locale it should use. It will always default to the system locale.

iOS 10.3

Since (NS)ByteCountFormatter most likely uses an (NS)NumberFormatter internally (Linux Foundation does at least), it could also be an option to expose this instance. However, this could also cause a lot of other problems since properties on (NS)NumberFormatter could be changed, that would result in faulty formatting of byte counts.

Any Device


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