Enable privacy mode for iPhone using iCloud

Number:rdar://31028023 Date Originated:13-Mar-2017
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iCloud Product Version:10.2
Classification:Security Reproducible:Always
It would be better for user privacy for social media and chat apps to be classified as such so that when a user wants to make their iPhone temporarily much more privacy sensitive. The local data for these apps could be cleared out and the accounts could also be logged out, having the necessary credentials safely stored away in the iCloud Keychain. When a user requests to put their iPhone into this extra privacy mode iOS would clear the data for all social media and chat apps and log out of iCloud. It would also be important to remove all locally stored photos and contacts.

Steps to Reproduce:
Currently US agents are stopping people and demanding that they turn over their iPhones and pins or otherwise unlock their phones. Currently the only way to ensure my iPhone cannot have the data copied is to do a full reset and erase all content and stay logged out of iCloud. Agents are apparently legally allowed to take phones and demand them to be unlocked within 100 miles of the US border. The content which is stored in the cloud is outside their authority so it would be best if iOS ensured no local content remained on the user's device.


Expected Results:
It should be easier and faster to put an iPhone into a privacy mode so that no contacts, photos or social media apps have any content stored locally and are all logged out including iCloud.

Actual Results:
The only option is to erase all contents and settings and restore later.


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