tvOS: SemanticContentAttribute forceRightToLeft is ignored UIStackViews

Number:rdar://31138095 Date Originated:19-Mar-2017 11:54 PM
Status:Resolved Resolved:tvOS 11 beta 2 (15J5310e)
Product:tvOS + SDK Product Version:10.1
Classification: Reproducible:Always

Setting the value `forceRightToLeft` to the property `semanticContentAttribute` in an instance of UIStackView in tvOS does not have any effect. The views are anyway added from left to right.

Steps to Reproduce:
In this repo you can find two projects with exactly the same piece of code. One of them running in iOS and the other one in tvOS.

In iOS, the views are added from right to left to the stack view, but in tvOS, on the other hand, they are added from left to right.

Expected Results:
The views are added from right to left, as documented

Actual Results:
The views are added from left to right regardless of the value assigned to semanticContentAttribute

tvOS 10.1


AppleTv 4th Generation


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