Push notifications not delivered when device connected solely with Ethernet

Number:rdar://31494325 Date Originated:07-Apr-2017
Status:Duplicate/30684278 Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:10.3
Classification: Reproducible:Always
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When an iOS device is connected to Ethernet (using the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and USB Ethernet adapter) and not to WiFi push notifications are not delivered. It appears the APNS connection is not established if the WiFi interface is off. When the interface is on, APNS functions and uses the Ethernet interface.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Connect device to network with Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and USB Ethernet adapter
2. Disable WiFi radio (or disconnect any access points the device can connect to)
3. Reboot the device
4. Send push notification
5. Observe no notification received

Expected Results:
Push notification received

Actual Results:
Push notification not received

iOS 10.3.1

Network analysis done with Wireshark and port mirroring observing traffic revealed no connections on port 5223 were attempted when WiFi is off, yet other services connect to Apple IPs without trouble. Our scenario is using this with MDM push notifications but all indications are this is APNS in general and not solely MDM. 

iPad Mini 2 WiFi, Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, USB Ethernet adapter


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