Please allow configuration profiles to disable sleep on tvOS 4

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Device Management / Profiles

The new device management options for tvOS are awesome! My MDM vendor, Jamf, added support for prestage enrollments and locking tvOS to conference room mode, which allows for quick setup of a new Apple TV solely for AirPlay. However, after an hour, the Apple TV goes to sleep, as that setting is unable to be managed via MDM. Would it be possible to add support for disabling sleep via configuration profile? Thanks!

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Add your 4th generation Apple TV (running tvOS 10.2) to DEP.
2. Create a prestage enrollment for the Apple TV.
3. Create a configuration profile for the Apple TV that forces "conference room mode" only and apply it to the Apple TV.
4. Turn on the Apple TV.
5. Go through the setup assistant.
6. Observe as the Apple TV drops into conference room mode.

Expected Results:
7. The Apple TV remains in conference room mode, available for devices to connect via AirPlay.

Actual Results:
7. After an hour, the Apple TV goes to sleep, and can only be woken up by the remote (if paired prior to setup assistant).


I submitted a feature request to Jamf, and they mentioned that sleep settings are not in the MDM spec. It sounds like if support is added for MDM management of this setting, Jamf would be open to implementing it.

Apple TV 4, tvOS 10.2, connected to ethernet



This would be a great feature to have. Setting up Apple TV's 100% touch-free would be very nice. In a large school district with 500 new Apple TV's coming in this year alone would be a life saver for our techs to have.

By Michael.Neis at May 14, 2019, 12:49 p.m. (reply...)

Adding this feature will make setting up new Apple TVs %100 touch-free! Please consider...

+1 being able to have it never go to sleep is a must for conference rooms.

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