Strange crash relating to NSStatusBar item rendering

Number:rdar://32675107 Date Originated:2017-06-09
Status:Closed Resolved:Duplicate
Product:AppKit Product Version:10.12
Classification: Reproducible:Rarely
My app (Hammerspoon - includes an NSStatusBar item, and also allows users to create their own.

Something, unfortunately I don't know what, because I haven't been able to reproduce it myself, is causing occasional status bar rendering to crash very deep in a stack which contains none of my code. Here is the main recurrence of this that my crash logger is catching:

The source for Hammerspoon is all on GitHub ( the code for the main app status bar item is in Hammerspoon/MJMenuIcon.m and does very little indeed. The source for user added status bar items is in extensions/menubar/internal.m and is much more complex.

I don't have any idea which of the two is causing the crash, but I would note that BetterTouchTool also is experiencing these crashes, and they do not have user-created status bar items:

I'm very prepared to believe that we are doing something wrong, but the crash happens so far down a stack that I sort of feel like even if we're doing something wrong, macOS should really be rejecting the mistake earlier.

Steps to Reproduce:
Not really sure - it may have something to do with connecting monitors and/or coming out of sleep (perhaps where the display configuration is changing during a wakeup? but that's a guess)

Expected Results:
No crash

Observed Results:





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