Opening a Universal Link in a new tab in Safari will disable Universal Links indefinitely for that app

Number:rdar://32840545 Date Originated:6/18/2017
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:Safari Product Version:iOS 11 Developer Beta 1
Classification:UX Issue Reproducible:Yes

If a user long-taps on a URL that is a Universal Link in Safari and chooses to "Open in New Tab", the link opens in a new tab, as expected, but has the unexpected side-effect of not being able to use Universal Links for that app in the future.

You can sometimes re-enable Universal Links by choosing "Open in XXXXXX app" from the long-tap menu, but it does not always appear.

Steps to Reproduce:
- Navigate to a web page that has a link to another domain which is a Universal Link for which an app is installed
    - e.g. on with a link to (where is a valid Universal Link to an installed application)
- Long tap on the hyperlink with the Universal Link
- Select "Open in New Tab"

Expected Results:
Destination content opens in a new tab with no side-effects

Observed Results:
Destination content opens in a new tab, with the unexpected consequence of having disabled Universal Links for the App that the link pointed to.

iOS 11 Developer Beta 1



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