Using a captive portal to install a Wi-Fi mobileconfig profile - install prompt hidden by captive portal

Number:rdar://33557533 Date Originated:2017-07-27
Status:Duplicate Resolved:Duplicate
Product:iOS11 Product Version:
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always

When using a captive portal on an SSID to install a Wi-Fi mobileconfig profile, the profile installation prompt is hidden by the captive portal. The end user must click the 'Cancel' button in order to access the installation prompt. Additionally, it is not possible to enter the passcode for a passcode protected device.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. On an iPad that has not previously connected to the SSID of the captive portal, and the SSID of the target Wi-Fi network configured by the mobileconfig profile, open Settings > Wi-Fi, and select the SSID that the captive portal is associated with.
2. When prompted within the captive portal, select the mobileconfig profile to install.

Expected Results:
Tapping on the link to the mobileconfig profile should initiate the profile installation prompt in such a way that the process has focus.

Observed Results:
The captive portal retains focus, with the profile installation prompt 'hidden' in the background. The user must then click the 'Cancel' button to leave the captive portal (and continue without Internet access).

iOS 11 Beta 4 (build 15A5327g)

This does not occur on iOS 10.x devices using the same SSID with the same captive portal, and the same mobileconfig profile.
The iOS device in question has an Apple smart keyboard attached which is used for all text input.

When the Apple smart keyboard is disconnected from the iPad, and the problem is replicated, the passcode field accepts input from the on screen keyboard.


This is still present in iOS 11 GM Seed (15A372)

This was closed as a duplicate of 34109443.

This bug is still present in iOS 11 Beta 10 (15A5372a)

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