Is there a way for custom actions in NSFileProviderItem to not show any UI?

Number:rdar://33834453 Date Originated:08/10/2017
Status:Open Resolved:No
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Can the custom actions implemented by a File Provider Extension not show any UI if that is not needed for that action? The reasoning for this is that there are some "custom actions" that we want to provide to the user that don't require further UI or user confirmation. Essentially the action can be understood from the title only and e realized with a single click from the user. Is there a workaround currently if that is something we want to do? Dismissing the controller seems to have a janky present/dismiss animation.

Steps to Reproduce:
Implement a custom action on an NSFileProviderItem that you don't want any UI for, and can just perform a call. Since you're forced to present a controller, dismiss that controller immediately

Expected Results:
We'd like there to not be any present/dismiss animation and simply that the action takes place without any controller being presented

Observed Results:
That doesn't seem to be possible and we're stuck with a janky present/dismiss animation.





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