Ability to surface more fine Grained "Authentication Error" on a specific NSFileProviderItem access

Number:rdar://33834923 Date Originated:08/10/2017
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- In calls to the File Provider Extension, as a developer, we are able to pass back an "Authentication Error" as one of the generic errors that the OS helps us surface to the user. And for that case, there is pecial handling of getting the user to sign in to the cloud storage service. It would be nive if we could get more fine grained control of such errors though. For instance the current authentication error is account wide, one example could be related to per item (file/folder) permission errors. One user can request access to content that they currently don't have access to, or currently don't have the desired access level to.
Essentially, the request is to issue authentication errors for specific identifiers and allow us to pass in the correct context so that that error handling can be done correctly.

Steps to Reproduce:
If we want to have any different authorization for an user to access a certain item (imagine a "request access" flow), we can't.

Expected Results:
We'd like there to be a specific error code, together with the item identifier and maybe some user info that we can throw that would allow us to show specific "authorization error" controller for that case. In that controller, maybe the user can "request access" or do any other needed action there.

Observed Results:
We are not able to issue such a fine grained error, on an item level, with specific handling.





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