NSFileProviderDomains do not persist across installations of the parent app

Number:rdar://33846244 Date Originated:2017-08-10
Status:closed Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:11b5
Classification: Reproducible:
# Description:
NSFileProviderDomains appear to be unable to persist across installations of the parent app. Installing a new build of the parent application appears to reset the domains to the empty state and repeated domain bootstrapping is necessary. This is a significant problem due to lack of reliable domain state information, as outlined in rdar://33845462.

# Steps to Reproduce:
1. Implement rudimentary support for a File Provider in the project
2. Add new NSFileProviderDomains via the NSFileProviderManager
3. Sustain crash described in rdar://33845747
4. Reopen the Files.app
5. Confirm domains appear
6. Reinstall the parent app
7. Reopen the Files.app
8. Concurrently, query NSFileProviderManager for the available domains

# Expected Results
Domains, as set before the reinstallation, appear as additional "file providers" in the sidebar of the Files.app. NSFileProviderManager should return the list of domains registered at the first run.

# Observed Results
There is only the original File Provider available in the sidebar, with no additional, domain-specific "file providers". Querying NSFileProviderManager returns a nil registration list.


Closed as a duplicate of 33541457.

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