Add permission dialog to access devicemotion and deviceorientation data for Safari

Number:rdar://34234813 Date Originated:September 3 2017
Status:Resolved Resolved:February 2019
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Modern web browsers give the user more control over what data they're sharing with websites, for example location services and access to the camera.

However I recently noticed a gap of how websites can determine the activity of the user based on the acceleration and gyro sensor built into modern smartphones, including the iPhone and Google Pixel.

Using that data, web apps can determine if the user is using their phone while

- sitting
- standing
- walking
- running
- driving
- taking a picture
- lying in bed

and probably more, including guesses if the user is actively using their phone at this moment, or even if they're impaired by alcohol.

I got a super basic prototype of how companies can (ab)use that data on GitHub:

I also attached the index.html in its current status, the most up to date version will be on GitHub.


This is Insane

Or consider looking/implementing to then deprecate the old API. This new API goes in Origin Trial in Chrome 62.

By darktears31 at Sept. 7, 2017, 6:18 p.m. (reply...)

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