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The product numbers across the Apple product lines are confusing to no end: There's:

Xcode 9
iOS 11
macOS 12
watchOS 4
Swift 4

All these products are on a yearly schedule, so next year, they will all become:
Xcode 10
iOS 12
macOS 14
watchOS 5
Swift 5

When discussing anything Apple-technology related, these small variations in the numbers seem to constantly confuse people. I heard people mention (in brackets what they actually meant):
- Xcode 4 [Xcode 9]
- Xcode 11 [Xcode 9]
- iOS 9 [iOS 11]
- macOS 11 [macOS 12]
- Swift 11 [Swift 4]

It would be great if all these different versions would just move to the same number every year as they're all being updated every year anyway. Examples would be:

Using the highest Number:
Xcode 13
iOS 13
macOS 13
watchOS 13
Swift 13

Using the year:
Xcode 2018
iOS 2018
macOS 2018
watchOS 2018
Swift 2018

This would greatly remove confusion and much align the product numbers.


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