info[UIImagePickerControllerPHAsset] in imagePickerController(_:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:) returns nil on iOS 11

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I'm unable to retrieve UIImagePickerControllerPHAsset from the info dictionary returned in imagePickerController(_:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:). It's always nil. Tested both  on iPhone X simulator in Xcode 9 GM and iOS 11 on iPhone 5s.

I uploaded a test case to demonstrate the issue, check the console, it shouldn't print nil.

I remember it returned nil in previous beta versions, I thought it was going to be fixed, but it's still not working for me in the GM version.

Steps to Reproduce:
Present a UIImagePickerController()
Select a photo 
Access info[UIImagePickerControllerPHAsset] in imagePickerController(_:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:)

Expected Results:
a PHAsset object is returned

Actual Results:
nil is returned

Xcode Version 9.0 (9A235)
macOS 10.13 Beta (17A360a)


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