Blink twice to disable Face ID

Number:rdar://34408091 Date Originated:13 Sept 2017
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iPhone X Product Version:
Classification: Reproducible:
iOS 11 introduces a feature which has been unofficially called "Cop Mode" where a user can temporarily disable Touch ID and require a passcode to unlock their iPhone by rapidly clicking the sleep/wake button 5 times to invoke Emergency SOS mode.

With the introduction of iPhone X and Face ID, there will be scenarios where others (authority figures or otherwise) will have physical access to a user's device and will attempt to coerce authentication using Face ID. It will not always be possible to have foreseen this happening and have triggered "Cop Mode" in advance with the sleep/wake button. Therefore, it would be useful to be able to force the passcode requirement without having physical access to the phone.

Given the advanced facial mapping capability of the TrueDepth camera, and its ability to analyze facial muscle movements, I would love to see Apple give users the ability to temporarily disable Face ID by using a facial gesture. I think blinking twice in quick succession would be a sufficiently subtle but uncommon trigger but perhaps research would unveil a better one.


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