802.1x loginwindow profile not present at login

Number:rdar://34423690 Date Originated:9/13/2017
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS + SDK Networking Product Version:10.13.0 (17A360a)
Classification: Reproducible:Always
An 802.1x networking config profile is installed on a 10.12.6 computer. At the login window the popup menu to select what profile is present. After upgrading to 10.13 beta 9 the popup menu is not present at the login window and after logging in the user is not logged into the network via 802.1x.  The same profile works for OS 10.10-10.12.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Create a mobileconfig from Profile Manager appropriate for the network's 802.1x configuration. Check the box to "Use as a Login Window configuration (macOS only)"
2) Install the profile on a client 10.12 system via `sudo profiles -IF /path/to/profile`
3) Verify the profile presents the user a popup menu at the loginwindow of on 10.12.
4) Upgrade the computer to 10.13 beta 9
5) After upgrade return to the login window and observe the option to choose the 802.1x profile does not exist
6) Log in as a user and see in the Network preferences that 802.1x is not connected.

Expected Results:
The 802.1x profile would present the option to choose which profile to authenticate against at login.

Actual Results:
No profile is presented at login and logging in does not use the profile to pass on credentials to the network.

10.13.0 beta 9 (17A360a)

Test machine is a VM with 10.12.6 upgrading to 10.13 via the beta enrollment pkg/installer.


After more testing I've determined that when I use the exact same profile that is already installed on the system and re-install it on top of the existing installation, then the Login Window shows the 802.1x options menu and successfully logs in to the network upon user login to the system. This profile is using the FirstActiveEthernet interface on the payload type com.apple.firstactiveethernet.managed. When I try and use a new as of 10.13 profile interface option of AnyEthernet and the payload type of com.apple.globalethernet.managed re-installing or uninstalling the current and installing the new profile does NOT bring up the 802.1x menu at the Loginwindow.

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