New Siri voice is not used in "Speak" text

Number:rdar://34819585 Date Originated:10/04/2017
Status:Duplicate/34821435 (Closed) Resolved:05/31/2018
Product:iOS Product Version:11
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Always
When selecting the new Voices (male & female) available since iOS 11, the voice is used when invoking Siri, but is not used when speaking text (from Safari for example)

Steps to Reproduce:
Go to General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices > English 
In the English (US) section, download the Siri Female or Mal voice
Once downloaded, select it
Go to Safari, select some text and choose "Speak" from contextual menu

Expected Results:
Text is spoken using the selected Voice

Actual Results:
The voice is spoken with Samantha's voice

iOS 11.0.1/15A402

iPhone 6 (NG4H2ZD/A)


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