Request to include Swift binary in macOS

Number:rdar://34935940 Date Originated:10/11/2017
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:
Classification:Feature Reproducible:
Enhancement Request filed on behalf of [customer]

[Customer] has deployed [n] Macs to their employees.
Total Mac+PC footprint = [N] endpoints.
[Y] iPhones
[Z] iPads

[Customer] would like to see the Swift binary included in macOS.

To tie a business case to it, this what we are trying to solve in no particular order:

1. Leverage the power of Swift as a scripting language.
2. Mitigate dependency issues we love to Apple to ship this, otherwise we would have to automate deployment of it, and wait until it exists before we can proceed with any macOS management workflows.
3. Mitigate software updates - We would love [Apple's] Software Update to also update the Swift binary.
4. Swift as a scripting language would be net benefit for all Apple customers, no just [customer].
5. We want to adopt more modern APIs/code and avoid compile and ship apps/binaries to the process of getting working code to the client systems.

So, basically we not only think this would benefit [customer], but it would also benefit all of Apple Sys Admins and DevOps type people. The Swift binary is not that large, it is like ~150MB or so. So could we possibly start a conversation about if this is possible? Plus it would make it so much easier for Apple Sys Admin type people to adopt Swift, which is a good thing for both the customer and Apple.


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