MKMapView not honoring safeAreaInsets or additionalSafeAreaInsets on iOS 11

Number:rdar://35116174 Date Originated:10/22/2017
Status:Dupe/Open Resolved:No
Product:iOS Product Version:11
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Yes

When using an MKMapView with "safeAreaInsets" or "additionalSafeAreaInsets" in a UIViewController, the "Legal" link at the bottom left, the scale bar at the top left, and the compass at the top right are NOT honoring these metrics.

Steps to Reproduce:
Add an MKMapView as a child view of a UIViewController, and set the "additionalSafeAreaInsets" property to be non-zero on the top, left, bottom and right. I've attached a sample project you can use to reproduce this issue (it's a very basic MKMapView in a UIViewController).

Expected Results:
The MKMapView should inset the "Legal" link, scale bar, and compass appropriately for the insets provided.

Actual Results:
The "Legal" link, scale bar, and compass are ignoring the "safeAreaInsets" and "additionalSafeAreaInsets" properties entirely. It can be seen that the "safeAreaInsets" property is ignored on the iPhone X in the simulator, since the "Legal" link appears below the home indicator. I've attached a screenshot of the iPhone X simulator running iOS 11.0.1, and a screenshot of an iPhone 6 running iOS 11.0.3. I've also noticed this issue on an iPad Pro 9.7" running iOS 11.1 beta 4.

iPhone X simulator screenshot:
iPhone 6 device screenshot:

Occurs with Xcode 9.0.1 in any iOS 11 simulator, and occurs with Xcode 9.1 beta 2 in any iOS 11 simulator and on any 11.1 beta 4 device.

iPhone X simulator running iOS 11.0.1 and an iPhone 6 running iOS 11.0.3.


Accompanying error messages

I am having this problem too and have noticed various error messages about insetting the map controls, such as "Could not inset legal attribution from corner 4". I have no idea why this id happening though.

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