UISearchController: Status Bar on top of Search Bar after rotating

Number:rdar://352525 Date Originated:04-23-2015
Status:OPEN Resolved:
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:8.3
Classification:UI-Bug Reproducible:Always
The status bar on top of the screen collides with the search bar after a rotation has been completed in a view on the stack somewhere after the search bar's parent view was on screen. Our assumption is that it may collide with the feature of automatically hiding the status bar in landscape mode in iOS8.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Start the provided sample application in portrait orientation and type in any search text producing search results.

2. Select any search result from the resulting table view. Rotate the device to landscape left or right orientation

3. After the screen rotated to the new landscape orientation tap back to root view controller.

4. Rotate back to portrait

Expected Results:
I would expect the exact same layout of the search bar under the status bar as it was before I left the view.

Actual Results:
The status bar is on top of the search bar (or the search bar is below the status bar) creating an obviously ugly looking UI. 

iOS 8.3

UI is incorrect


'Sample-UISearchController.zip' was successfully uploaded.

Sample Project:


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