iCloud calendar invitations are never recieved

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Calendar invitations sent from iCloud accounts are never recieved, regardless of recipient.

Steps to Reproduce:
As the company I.T. person, I've been setting up iCloud accounts for new employees for a while now. We've wanted to use iCloud's calendar for events and invitations, but have been prevented from doing so because they flat-out don't work. These are the steps I've taken to isolate the problem:

1. For an initial test, I used two older Apple accounts: {my Gmail address} and {my Company address}. I verified on icloud.com that both are set to recieve in-app calendar notifications. I then created an event on each account and invited the other to it, and verified that in both cases, the invitation was recieved, and the acceptance of the invitation was also recieved. I also verified that inviting {non-Apple account address}, an email address not associated with an Apple account, resulted in an emailed invitation, and that accepting it also worked.

2. I then logged into icloud.com as {new Apple account}, created an event in the future, and sent invitations to all three addresses. 

Expected Results:
{my Gmail address} and {my Company address} would recieve in-app notifications, and {non-Apple account address} would recieve an emailed notification. 

Actual Results:
Several days later, no invitation has been recieved. Nor are updates recieved when making changes to the event.



I've found that more often than not, an iCloud account created by me will fail to send invitations, no matter which browser or version of Calendar is used. It's not a problem on the reciever's side; I've always verified that they can recieve invitations from known-good accounts. This seems to affect accounts created within the last five years or so, far longer than the calendar spam issue has been around.


Update 1

My testing of the other accounts I've created has them falling into two groups: - "cursed" accounts don't send out invitations at all, neither to other Apple accounts nor to non-Apple-account email addresses. - "hexed" accounts do send invitatons, but only as emails; regardless of whether the associated Apple account prefers in-app notifications.

So far, none of the accounts I've created are sending invitations properly. I'm keeping track of my testing progress here: {spreadsheet link}

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