iOS 11 Camera Flash keeps reseting to "Auto" after a day or two. I want flash OFF.

Number:rdar://35514250 Date Originated:9/13/2017
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:iOS 11
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always

The Camera flash setting keeps turning itself back to "auto" every day or two.

I turn Camera flash OFF. I wait a day or two. I try to take a picture in a dark room. The flash setting has re-set to "AUTO" and I mistakenly flash the entire room with bright light.

I'm a "never use flash" photographer. This iOS 11 flash re-setting is seriously messing with my ability to use the camera on my iPhone. I'm now in constant fear that I'm going to illuminate the entire dark room when I mean to take a quick photo.

There is no "Preserve Settings" preference for Flash in iOS Camera Settings. There *are* similar preferences for Live Photos and other Camera features.

Steps to Reproduce:

iOS 11
Turn Camera Flash OFF
Wait a day or two
Take a picture in a dark room.

Expected Results:

Camera flash should still be OFF, like I set it.

iOS has always preserved the flash settings.

If resetting to auto is now expected behavior in iOS 11, the "Preserve Settings" area of camera settings SHOULD have a "Preserve Flash" option.

Actual Results:

Camera flash has reset to "AUTO" in the last day or two since I last set it to OFF.

It's dark, so "auto" means "on". I mistakenly illuminate the entire room with bright light and annoy everyone.

The "Preserve Settings" area of camera settings does NOT have a "Preserve Flash" option.


iOS 11.1 / iPhone 7



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