Xcode cannot unit-test WatchOS targets

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# Summary

In Xcode, unit-test targets cannot be created for the WatchOS platform. 

# Detail

I've tried two ways to do this:
1. Create a target, select WatchOS platform, then... no Unit Test template is available in the "Choose a template" dialog
2. Create an *iOS* unit test target, then try to change its platform to WatchOS. The "Target to be tested" list view doesn't allow WatchOS targets to be selected

# A workaround

Developers get around this by creating an iOS framework which includes WatchOS source-code, then unit-testing that framework. This mostly works, but it's an extra target to maintain, and gets messy when there are API differences between WatchOS and iOS.

# A plea

Apple loves code-quality and unit-testing as much as I do.
Would you kindly consider allowing us to unit-test WatchOS targets?
It doesn't need to run tests on Watch hardware - I'd be happy to run a small test-suite on the Watch simulator.


Dupe of 21395998

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