Regression: CLPlacemark.addressDictionary deprecation removes useful information

Number:rdar://35862589 Date Originated:05-Dez.-2017 10:07 PM
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:11.0
Classification:Enhancement Reproducible:Always
CLPlacemark.addressDictionary was marked as deprecated in iOS 11.  The docs say we should use the properties instead. However, the following information is missing in the properties:

Example addressDictionary:

    City = "New York"; // OK: .locality
    Country = "United States"; // OK: .country
    CountryCode = US; // OK: .ISOcountryCode
    FormattedAddressLines =     (
        "418 Columbus Ave",
        "New York, NY  10024",
        "United States"
    ); // missing!
    Name = "Andy Deli"; // OK: .name
    PostCodeExtension = 5106; // missing!
    State = NY; // OK: .administrativeArea
    Street = "418 Columbus Ave"; // missing
    SubAdministrativeArea = "New York"; // OK: .subAdministrativeArea
    SubLocality = Manhattan; // OK: .subLocality
    SubThoroughfare = 418; // OK: .subThoroughfare
    Thoroughfare = "Columbus Ave"; // OK: .thoroughfare
    ZIP = 10024; // OK: .postalCode

In summary, the following keys from addressDictionary are missing because there are no counterparts in the properties:

- FormattedAddressLines
- PostCodeExtension
- Street (there ist .postalAddress.street. Wondering why there is not a corresponding property on CLPlacemark. That's at least inconsistent.)

Please add the missing properties so we don't lose this functionality.

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The sample addressDictionary was obtained from a MKMapItem, sent from the Maps app (3rd party directions). 
Another data source is CLGeocoder which returns a similar addressDictionary.


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