Newly introduced iTunes Connect login rate limit on counts successful attempts

Number:rdar://35884832 Date Originated:December 6 2017
Status:Open Resolved:Nope
Product:iTunes Connect Product Version:
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
Apple ID of the User:

A few weeks ago, the iTunes Connect login API endpoints on added a new rate limit. This is great, however it also counts successful attempts, resulting in issues if you login multiple times within a minute for one account on one IP address. This causes issues for larger companies that have a single IP address, and a shared Apple ID. The error message when running into the rate limit is also not clear, as it doesn't indicate the actual error reason

Steps to Reproduce:
- Login on iTunes Connect multiple times within a short amount of time using the same Apple ID and IP address

Expected Results:
- Since the login attempts are done with valid username + passwords, you shouldn't be locked out of your account, even if you login many times within a short amount of time

Actual Results:
- Your account gets locked, and only gets unlocked after a given time, or by logging in from a separate IP address




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