Zoom on Mac Storyboards

Number:rdar://36348761 Date Originated:1/12/18
Status:Closed Resolved:DUPLICATE OF 26781492 | OPEN
Product:Xcode Product Version:9.2
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:
I NEED to be able to zoom on storyboards for MacOS applications. When my MacBook Pro is docked at my workstation I have a 4k monitor. I typically build my storyboards on this monitor as it is where I do most of my work. Eventually, I have to take my laptop with me and want to work on my storyboards on my laptop monitor. I have a retina display (Mid-2015 laptop), but it is honestly not enough visual room to work on the storyboards. I have attached a picture of what it normally looks like when I immediately undock. I can collapse some panels to get slightly more room, but I've gotten so used to zooming in and out on storyboards on iOS applications to find what I want. Please add zooming to storyboards for MacOS Apps.


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