holding down shift to extend text selection not working with touch screen

Number:rdar://37438570 Date Originated:February 11, 2018
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:UKit Product Version:iOS 11.2.5
Classification:Usability Reproducible:Always

When you connect a external keyboard to the iPad, you can use the arrow keys to change cursor location and you can hold down shift such that text selection is expanded.

You change cursor location by tapping somewhere on the touch screen, but if you simultaneously holds down shift on the external keyboard and tap the touch screen to move the cursor, text selection is not performed, which makes it hard to perform some kinds of selections and is a disappointment compared to how mouse and keyboard can be combined on traditional computers.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Open the Notes app and start a new note.
2. Type “Hello world”
3. Make sure cursor is right after ”world” at the end of the line
4. Hold down shift on external keyboard
5. Tap the start of the line

Expected Results:

The cursor location should change to the start of the line and text selection should be everything between start of line and end of line, corresponding to new cursor location and old cursor location.

Actual Results:

Cursor location changes to the start of the line, but no text is selected.


iOS 11.2.5


iPad with external keyboard


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