Enhancement Request: Allow Apple Pay To Be Temporarily Disabled

Number:rdar://37877567 Date Originated:25-Feb-2018 09:23 PM
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Product:iOS + SDK Product Version:11.2.5
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
Apple Pay users who wish to use an app at a QR code scanner which also supports NFC are not able to do so unless the app developer has added a specific entitlement. Many developers are either a) Not aware this entitlement exists or b) Not interested in going through the rigamarole of requesting this entitlement. 

This leaves the user in a frustrating situation if the developer hasn’t requested this entitlement, and they need to scan something at a scanner which also accepts apple pay. 

It would be very helpful to have some kind of “temporarily disable” button that shows up after you’ve already dismissed ApplePay once (or even on the first showing if that’s too much of a pain in the ass to track) that disables Apple Pay until the next time the device locks. 

This would help prevent users from being frustrated by decisions/ignorance of developers in a way that reflects poorly on the OS. 

Steps to Reproduce:
- NFC capable phone
- Apple pay enabled

1. Be in the Netherlands.
2. Use the NS International app (which does not have the pass presentation suppression on) to download tickets for a train journey from any large or medium sized city to somewhere outside of the Netherlands. 
3. As you approach the gates to enter the station at any large to medium city’s centra(a)l station, pull up the app and get the QR code for your ticket ready to scan.
4. Hold your phone up to the scanner at the gate, attempting to scan the QR code.
5. Apple pay shows up. 
6. Dismiss Apple Pay.
7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you get annoyed and just scan your regular NFC transit card. 
8. General rage.
9. File bug with developer, expect it to be fixed sometime in 2020. 

Expected Results:
SOME kind of way to temporarily disable apple pay so the damned gate can scan my pass.

Actual Results:
General rage, filed bug. 


The pass kit entitlement and its requirement for Apple approval are documented here: 



Marked as a duplicate of 35428752 on April 11, 2018. They said they're gonna close it but they haven't yet.

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