No vibration component to haptics in 'Workout processing' mode

Number:rdar://38165825 Date Originated:2018-03-06
Status:Closed Resolved:2018-05-03
Product:watchOS + SDK Product Version:
Classification: Reproducible:
While an HKWorkoutSession is in progress haptic behaviour is inconsistent.

Steps for reproduction:

1. Check HealthKit entitlement is enabled correctly. Then build and run on a device (Simulator only plays the sound component of haptics and can be tricky to test AirPlay). Suspend once background-haptics app launches.
2. Ensure that no watchOS settings are enabled (e.g. Theater Mode, Do Not Disturb). Haptic Strength should be in either position 2 or 3 in Sounds & Haptics.
3. Connect to a Bluetooth headset.
4. Launch background-haptics app (pink icon).
5. Tap 'Start Workout’ to begin a HKWorkoutSession.
6. Use 'Play Haptic’ buttons to observe the following:

- When the screen is on, there is no sound component to the haptics.
- When the screen is off, the sound component plays, but there is no vibration.
- This is true regardless of if the app is in frontmost app state, or suspended.

Expected behaviour: both sound and vibration components should play in both situations. 

7. Tap ‘End Workout’ when finished.

Xcode 9.2; watchOS 4.2


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