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Number:rdar://39216753 Date Originated:4/5/18
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Product:iOS Product Version:11.3
Classification:UI/Usability Reproducible:Always
As of iOS 11.3, Mobil Safari's "Share via Email" function often includes the full text of the webpage, not just a link.  Apparently, if the page is suitable for the Reader (but when the Reader is not used), then doing "Share via Email" results in a huge email containing the entire webpage text.  In prior iOS versions, sharing via email included only a link (never the full text); sharing when using the Reader included the full text.

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Go to a simple webpage, one that shows the Reader icon (but do not invoke the Reader).
2.  Share via Email

Expected Results:
The draft email should be pre-filled with a Subject and Body.  The Body should contains only a link to the webpage.

Actual Results:
The Body includes the full text of the webpage.  There is no way to share via email without the full text appearing.  If this is the (new) intended operation, then it's a mistake.  This new scheme is a great inconvenience because it makes the emails unnecessarily huge, and it's inconsistent because it doesn't do so for all pages.  I want my recipients to get links and them decide to browse to the webpage.  If I need the full text, I can invoke the Reader and share from that.

iOS 11.3

iPad Air 2


A bad example

For example, look at the crap that gets put into the email when Share via Email is used at this site:

Closed as a duplicate of 39282052.

Closed as a duplicate of 39282052.

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