iOS11 NEHotspotConfiguration::check method

Number:rdar://40288319 Date Originated:May 22, 2018
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Product:iOS Product Version:11
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Today, with iOS11, Apple offers the NEHotspotConfigurationManager API that allows you to connect directly to a known SSID.
This feature is very convenient for setting up a wifi accessory but there is no way of knowing if the wifi is in range.
I proposed a new method ::check in the NEHotspotConfiguration class. This class already has a ::init method that allows configuring wifi settings.
This new method would allow the application to know if the Wifi network is available before calling NEHotspotConfigurationManager::apply in order to propose to the user to connect ONLY if the wifi of the accessory is present.

Could this evolution be of interest to other developers ?

Thank you.

Small precision : it is not a question of scanning the existing wifi networks but to test if a known wifi network is present for a better user experience.


Hey UP !

Hey UP !

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