Locked iPhone does not bring app to foreground when requestAppLaunch is sent

Number:rdar://41100164 Date Originated:6-13-2018
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:External Accessory Framework Product Version:iOS 11.4
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
External Accessory Framework

Ford’s SYNC3 infotainment system allows our customers to use the Waze application (and other similar Mobile Navigation applications) on their iPhones for navigation by way of projecting the map onto the infotainment system’s UI. One of the challenges our customer’s face is the need to bring the app to foreground on the iPhone device for the map to stream. We are overcoming that challenge by making use of the ‘RequestAppLaunch’ feature provided by iOS.
However, when the device is locked and a ‘RequestAppLaunch’ request is sent, then the application is not brought to the foreground (Active State) on the device even after the device is unlocked. While this may be the expected behavior, our ask is whether your team might consider modifying this behavior so that applications are brought to the foreground (Active State) thereby allowing our customers to have a better and safer navigation experience from their iPhone.
Is there any way to bring App to Active State when iPhone is locked?
We do observe a user consent popup, to allow CarPlay when iPhone is locked. How do we enable this for our apps?

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Connect an iPhone to SYNC via USB and ensure the device is locked.
2. Make sure the Waze application registers on SYNC and is seen on SYNC’s HMI under the “Apps” page.
3. Using the command line utility provided on SYNC, send a ‘RequestAppLaunch’ message to the device with the ‘AppLaunchMethod’ set to ‘Launch without user alert’ and using the bundleID of the Waze application.
4. Unlock the iPhone.

Expected Results:
The Waze application should be on foreground on the iPhone upon unlocking.

Actual Results:
The Waze application is not on foreground on the iPhone upon unlocking

11.4 public release


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