Wonky Navigation Bar Hiding Animation from a Split View Context

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Product:UIKit Product Version:iOS 12
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UINavigationController has a special animation for hiding the navigation bar when it is done in viewWillAppear.  This should slide the navigation bar horizontally. Unfortunately when this is done from a view controller that is embedded in a split view's navigation controller the special animation is not here and the navigation bar shrinks vertically. This is a problem for a few reasons

- It can expose content beneath the navigation bar which isn't meant to be seen (eg. the background color of a split view)
- The interactivity of the animation is lost when using the interactive back gesture
- It just looks a bit strange and inconsistent.

Steps to Reproduce:

Check out the sample app here:


To see the proper animation:
Selecting "Show in NavigationController" then select "push"

To see the wonky animation
Selecting "Show in Split View" then select "push"

Expected Results:

There is the proper navigation bar hiding animation on pushing in a split view context

Actual Results:

The animation is wonky and the navigation bar slides up


iOS 12.0 at least



This issue appears to be related to UISplitViewController's habit of collapsing into a compact horizontal size class by embedding a navigation controller inside another navigation controller. I was able to work around this in my project by becoming the split view controller's delegate and flattening the navigation stacks like so :

public func splitViewController(_ splitViewController: UISplitViewController, collapseSecondary secondaryViewController: UIViewController, onto primaryViewController: UIViewController) -> Bool { let primaryNav = primaryViewController as! UINavigationController let secondaryNav = secondaryViewController as! UINavigationController
primaryNav.setViewControllers(primaryNav.viewControllers + secondaryNav.viewControllers, animated: false) // return true to indicate we don't want UIKit to manage this collapsing return true }

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